Eight Kids! What were we thinking?

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With eight children we have experienced it all: a used condom swinging out a pickup widow as it passed our 15-passenger van; the “environmental glares;” and the inevitable question, “Are all those children yours?” Today I will share truth that led us to have the family we have—truth that has not only changed my life, but has also changed the world.

It’s easy to think I am a natural lover of children by the fact that we have eight kids. That couldn’t be further from the truth! I had no natural love for children at all. We thought pretty much the way the world thinks about children until I stumbled on a book by Mary Pride entitled The Way Home. God used her book to challenge our thinking about the issue. We began to see that the world’s view of children is diametrically opposed to God’s view.

The world says children are a financial burden and a hindrance to our personal dreams and desires. Population control experts and environmentalists say they are a source of a lot of the world’s problems. Their answer is to severely limit the number of children we have. Multiple nations have bought that lie. The result? Many are now on the brink of financial ruin due to the fact that there are fewer workers, fewer consumers, and not enough young people to care for the aging population. Realizing their mistake, some nations are now encouraging (even paying!) parents to have more children.

What does God say about children? Psalm 127 unequivocally says they are a gift, reward, and blessing. It also says a man with a lot of kids is a blessed man. Proverbs 14:28 states that a ruler with a large population (lots of children) is similarly blessed. And as I stated in my first blog-post, children are one of God’s modus operandi—His means of building and growing His kingdom in the earth. So often in Scripture, God’s answer to the world was a baby. Some of the main stories we read in the Bible center around the birth of a future leader: Moses, Samuel, Samson, Joseph, John the Baptist, and Jesus. There was great warfare surrounding these births—barren mothers or murder edicts issued on their very lives—that required God’s intervention. Hmmm…maybe Satan knows something we don’t know about the worth and significance of our children and wants their existence stamped out at any cost!

How has God’s truth about children impacted us? For one, we decided to receive the entire blessing He wanted to pour out on our lives. For others, it has meant being open to more children than they originally planned on having. Knowing children are a blessing and gift from God has helped soften and give meaning to all the hard work involved in raising them. Also, instead of eagerly looking forward to being empty nesters, we feel totally blessed that we have a senior in high school still at home with us.

Our attitude about our children is very evident to those around us. Beth, an old friend, recently made the following Facebook post. It is easy to see that she views her children as a blessing—quite a contrast to the, “Hallelujah, we’re empty nesters!” mentality:

Today is the fist day in 31 years Bill and I have not had kids at home.  We marvel at the joy, love, music, laughter, tears, blessings, and normal family chaos our five children (including two sets of twins!) brought into our lives. I sincerely can’t believe how fast it went. Now they are all on their own paths. Yes, I know they sometimes come back for a spell—which will always be a welcomed stay—but today marks a very significant, new chapter in our lives. #gratitudeforthejourney #gonnamissthenoise

How is the world a different place because we believed this truth? If we had stopped at four children, Molly, Rachel, Maggie and James would have not been born. I can’t imagine life without them! We would have known loss, and the world would have known loss. Each one of them is a world-changer!

Mom, the children you have been given are a gift, reward, and blessing from Him. Receive them as such!


PS: For more on this topic, you can order my book Are All Those Children Yours? on our website at www.lifeline-ministries.org

PS again!: Merry Christmas!


12 thoughts on “Eight Kids! What were we thinking?

  1. I love this. I often have heard that there’s no way to have enough love and time for more than two children. I desired to have children and cannot do so after uterine cancer meant a hysterectomy, but my husband and I are praying for the Lord to make a way financially, with a large home and me being able to stay at home so we can adopt many.


    1. Although we only have 4, you are truly correct that children are indeed a blessing. We have never regretted our decision. The selfish world will never understand this, because when one has children, one must learn to leave self behind.


  2. Wow! My parents has 7 (including 2 sets of twins, myself being one of them). I cannot imagine my life without all of my siblings and I’m glad my parents had us all 🙂

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  3. Awwww… i have eight children, too – and my oldest is 19 and living at home, working and the next one, a daughter, will graduate this year. I LOVE seeing them grow into the adults they’ll be, and i will really miss these happy, busy, full, noisy years… The world doesn’t see all the benefits of large families, either – how we learn to set a limit to our desire for material wealth, to be content with less, to focus on important things like relationship instead of battling for status – the care and love and compassion among the children is one of the best gifts from having a big family. The older ones are sweet to the younger, and we’ve taught them all that your job is to care for the weak and defenseless – sometimes that will be your little sister – later on it may be an elderly person in town, or a hurt animal, or the member of a war torn nation. But our ministry is to LOVE. – if we get that right, God is pleased with us. Love covers over a multitude of sins. Are we perfect? No. Do we get a LOT of practice? we sure do..

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  4. Reblogged this on Broken Yet Not Forgotten and commented:
    While this is not my original blog, I love the message in it. We can all use the reminder that our children are precious and needed even though they make us pull our hair out and drive us crazy.

    The truth is…I would totally be lost without my 5 children. They are the reason I keep pushing through my own hurt and pain. They are the reason that I put them before what I want and need. They give me such unspeakable joy and I love them to pieces.

    I thank the Lord for the privilege of being their mom…even if I doing it alone.


  5. We have six thus far and are excited to see if the Lord will bless us with more. Our oldest is 16 and is trying to figure out life. I think the hardest part thus far is realizing that my will is not always the Lord’s for their lives. Prayerfully letting go, but not launching yet.

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